Primates in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Visiting Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

The Nyungwe Forest National Park has an estimate population of over 500 chimpanzees, whereas the Cyamudongo area has an estimate of over 25 chimps, apart from the chimpanzees the forest is also home to other 12 primates species such as the blue monkey this has a close relation to the golden monkey, vervet monkey grey cheeked Mangabey, dent’s Mona monkey l’hoest’s monkey, red tailed monkey, Angola colobus and the owl faced monkey. Nyungwe forest national park harbors up to 75 mammal species which these include cerval cats, golden cats, wild cats, side striped jackal, mongoose, Congo clawless otter, genet, civet, duiker, bush buck, hyrax and rare sight of leopard.
Visiting Kibale Forest National Park Uganda
The Nyungwe forest national park contains a great diversity of flora making up the numerous habitats that is the rain forest, bamboo, grassland, swamp and bogs which greatly enrich the eco system, there found about 240 tree species, 140 orchids and estimate of over 1068 plant types some of which are endemic to the Albert rift. In addition to all this biodiversity Nyungwe forest has 310 bird species with 27 Albertine endemic species and is home to colorful butterflies 40 endemic to the forest, chameleons, lizards and snakes. After the previous day check in with park at the Gisakura reception center your guide will be made aware of the point of rendezvous and time however you should know that if you’re tracking in Cyamudongo forest it is an early start whereas the ones at Uwinka, starting time varies.

Canopy Walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe forest national park also offers Canopy walk that starts at the main park visitor center Uwinka, this walkway is found on the Igishigishigi trail and starts about 1km from Uwinka. it is a 200m trail suspended between giant trees offering an over view of the forest the upper canopy and watch out for the numerous bird residents of the upper canopy below, in addition to the canopy walk, Nyungwe forest national park offers other walks like the Karamba 4km trail estimated 3 hour walk offering bird watching, primates and satyrium orchid and giant ferns, the Muzimu trail 5.2km estimated 3.5 hours offering a panoramic view of Nyungwe forest national park and lake Kivu with a variety of wild flowers and good bird life, the Kamiranzovou marsh trail 6 km, 3 hours this trail has two starting point either at Gisakura or Uwinka a steep downhill through the forest, this marshy area is rich in orchid and Grauer’s rush warbler, Bigugu trail 6.7km estimate 6 hours leads to the highest point in the park, the Isumo/waterfall trail 10.6km estimated 4 hours begins at the Gisakura guest house through the tea plantation ending at a water fall where you enjoy a view of the forest canopy, birds, monkeys, others are Congo-Nile divide trail a multi-day activity and the source of the Nile walk which start out of the park so need prior planning and reservation.
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Apart from the main Nyungwe forest activities, there other activity sights and activities one can do in the community surrounding Nyungwe forest, a visit to the Banda village is worth it as this cultural destination offers local food tasting, nature walks, basket weaving, traditional dances, local craft making and beer brewing then drive to Kamembe border town for your accommodation.
Accommodation options at Nyungwe forest national park Rwanda includes the following Gisakura guest house and Nyungwe top view hill hotel for budget and mid-range option where as One and only Nyungwe house is the most luxurious property around the forest.