Brief history about formation of The Republic of Rwanda.
The unforgettable disaster that struck Rwanda.
The 3 wonders of the Republic of Rwanda.

Rwanda is an important destination for East African Wildlife enthusiasts, its best known attraction is Gorilla Tracking.
Extending over 26,340 sq. KM(10,290 sq.miles), Rwanda is a tiny country about the same size as some of its neighboring countries larger National Parks yet it supports a population of roughly 8 million, making it the mostly densely inhabited nation in Africa. Much of the country, in particular Lake Kivu and the the Virunga volcanoes in the northwest, is spectacularly beautiful, comprised of fertile highlands that undulate from the Albertine rift escarpment down to the Lake Victoria basin, spanning altitudes of 1,200-4,500 meters (3960-14760ft).

Brief history about formation of The Republic of Rwanda.

A German, Von Goetzen, was the first European to reach Rwanda in 1884 when he crossed the Akagera river near the Rusumo falls on the modern-day border with Tanzania. Here he found a feudal hierarchy in which Tutsi nobles dominated the more populous Hutu peasantry and the small numbers of Batwa hunter-gatherers who still subsisted in the country’s forests. In 1899, Rwanda was made to recognize German sovereignty. This lasted until World War I, when Belgium took over Rwanda and neighboring Burundi. Colonial ties were served on 1 July, 1962, with the formation of the Republic of Rwanda.

The unforgettable disaster that struck Rwanda.

In April 1994, long-standing tensions between Hutu and Tutsi culminated in gruesome Rwanda genocide that claimed an estimated one million lives in the space of three months and forced twice the number of people to flee to rudimentary refugee camps in Tanzania and other neighboring states.the killing abated after the Rwanda patriotic front seized power in July 1994 to establish a broad-based government of national unity. Rwanda has subsequently enjoyed an increasing high level of stability. practically all the refugees have been repatriated, and although the scars of the genocide will take decades to heal completely, visitors are made to feel very welcome today, and travel conditions are as safe as anywhere in Africa.

The 3 wonders of the Republic of Rwanda.

Rwanda has an excellent system of surfaced roads, some good Rwanda hotels and lodges, and three different Rwanda National Parks. The Parc Des Volcans, famed for its Mountain-Gorilla Tracking that re-opened in 1999, since when it has started to attack back a significant traffic of cross-border tourism from Uganda. The other two National Parks are Akagera, which harbors a wide variety of savanna wildlife, and the lushly forested and richly diverse Nyungwe forest, gazetted in 2001.

Rwanda National Parks

Rwanda boasts with majestic volcanoes, lush, dense greenery, imposing mountains and spectacular wildlife. Nicknamed the “Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda has suffered a turbulent history in recent years, but is now a top tourist destination of natural beauty. Where else can you reach dizzying peaks, wade through plush vegetation and enjoy time in the presence of the magnificent Mountain Gorillas. Trek for endangered Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga Massif, before driving east to Lake Kivu or continue South and visit the largest Mountain Forest left in East Africa, Nyungwe National Park with its 14 primate species, For the ultimate experience of Rwanda’s wildlife, combine chimpanzee and Gorilla Treks.

Rwanda Safari Lodges and Accomondation.

Rwanda’s premier safari and game lodges located in Rwanda’s National Game Parks and other top Rwanda tourist attractions. We have listed Safari Lodges in Virunga National Park, Safari Lodges in Akagera National Park, Safari Lodges in Nyungwe National Park, Safari Lodges in Ruhengeri, Safari Lodges in Gisenyi and Lodges in Kibuye and Lake Kivu areas.

The Rwanda safari lodges are each unique in their own right, offering a different safari accommodation experience. The Rwanda safari lodges listed, vary from luxury game lodges e.g Virunga Lodge, Sabyinyo Silver back Lodge Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest Lodge Nyungwe, mid-range safari lodges e.g Gorillas Nest Lodge, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, budget safari accommodation camps e.g Gisakura Guest House, Kinigi Guest House and cheap holiday accommodation camps and Rwanda game lodges.

Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) is a government institution, which was inaugurated on September 18th, 1989 with an ethnographic museum based in Huye(Butare)-Southern Province officially known as the National Museum of Rwanda.
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