Red Chilli Rest Camp Murchison Falls National Park

Red chilli rest camp Murchison falls
Red chilli Rest Camp is located at the southern bank of River Nile in the heart of Murchison Falls National Park the largest park in Uganda, it’s a 1min 30secs drive from the Campsite to Paraa ferry while driving at a speed of 20kmh, it’s at this point where boats for Boat cruising safaris, sport fishing safaris are booked and it’s where all vehicles cross the Nile for game drives around the Nile Delta.

Red chilli rest camp has got a fully stocked bar and restaurant that has got spectacular views of the Nile, tea and coffee are always served whenever the restaurant is open, there breakfast is hearty and packed breakfast can be booked a day before for great preparation.

The Red chilli rest camp offers mid budget accommodation in the heart of the park with it’s well furnished safari tents and bandas that have got either public or private bathrooms with fitted solar hot water systems, therefore here the choice is in your hands, their is a provision of camping facilities with security lights, toilets, modern showers and cooking area. These toilets and showers have a provision of disabled visitors.

Guests to Red chilli rest camp often enjoy sights of Rothschild giraffes, warthogs, hippos and other wild animals that commonly roam around the camp site mostly during night hours. Visitors should take strict precaution on storing there foods and drinks in their tents so as to prevent these foods from being raided by the wild animals, flash photographs are strictly not allowed.
Most evening while at the rest camp, a bonfire is lit so as to experience a great camping safari to rest.

Red Chilli rest camp is proven to be one hottest place to chilli while in Uganda.

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