Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

L.mburo national park
Lake Mburo National Park(LMNP) is the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah National Parks and is located in Kiruhura district western Uganda. The park is situated about 30 kilometers by road, East of Mbarara the largest city in the sub region. this location is approximately about 240 kilometers by road, west of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. The coordinates of the park are: 00 36s, 30 57E(latitude 0.6000,longitude:30.9500)
LMNP is home to 350 bird species as well as Zebra, Impala, Enland, Buffalos, Oribi defassa waterbuck, Leopards, Hippo, Hyena, Topi and Reedbuck.

Once contunious with the plains of northern Tanzania,Lake Mburo National Park hosts a diversity found nowhere else in uganda. The rwizi river feeds 14 lakes and wetlands that support abundant herds of Antelope. Enchanting acacia Woodland is increasingly a major part of the landscape. Alongside all the Wildlife, LMNP is home to the Ankole cattle cared for traditionally by the Bahima pastorists. Magnificent herds graze peacefully alongside the wildlife. There are distinct dry and wet seasons that determine animals movements.

The great thing about Lake Mburo National Park is that there are so many unique ways to intimately interact with the surrounding wilderness. Try a guided walk near the swamp at Lake Mburo. The wetlands are a great draw and wildlife abundant, particularly in the dry season. Go early in the morning for a chance to encounter the shoebill by foot. Guided night drives are another fun alternative. Using a spotlight to search for nocturnal animals like Hyena, Leopards, Bush pigs and Bush babies, the Boat trip along the shores of Lake Mburo takes you close to Hippo pods, Crocodiles and large array of water birds. The small boat and knowledgeable guide enhance the experience. There are some great game drive circuits with beautiful view points to break up the 2 to 3 hour loops. look out for an elusive herd of about 200 majestic Eland.

While at Mburo expect to experience different sound of hyenas whooping, clambering to the top of rocky peaks, enjoy spectacular views and exploring undiscovered valleys by horseback and mountain bike(cycling safaris).

Cycling Safaris in Uganda
Uganda Bicycling safaris have been ongoing around Lake Mburo National Park since 2013. There has been huge interest and plenty of people are choosing this fun new option. cycling is a great way to get out of the car and into the bush. It connects you more intimately as you smell, hear and see much more of the rich life around you.
The rides are tailored to individuals needs and all rides go with a guide there are trails ranging from 1 hour to as long as you can last rides. trails are primarily along flat valley bottoms where wildlife is abundant and there is good visibility. However for the more experienced mountain biker there are plenty of challenging stretches and alternative routes possible. the great thing about cycling is that you are able to go wherever you feel and are not restricted by roads. we highly recommend taking a backpack of (cold beers/tea & coffee). it is also much more enjoyable in the cooler hours of the day.

The bikes are tough, high quality bikes designed to tackle the terrain during cycling safaris. There are 10 mountains bikes with mudguards (in case of rain), and comfortable suspensions. For longer rides, reasonable levels of fitness are required. watch out for thorns, we use liners and smile in the tyres but it is still wise to be careful. expect to see zebras, Impalas, Warthogs,Topi and Water bucks on rides and if you are lucky maybe a hyena or some eland. There is a resident hippo that obliging yawns as sunset approaches.

There is a range of accommodation in and around Lake Mburo. From really Wild campsites, Budget tents and Banda’s to comfortable cottages and luxury tented rooms. many of the camps and lodges have great views each with a different perspective onto the beauty that is Lake Mburo National Park. All are set in the bush with the wildlife and are small about 10 units per camp.
they include:- Nshara & Sanga Community Camsites, Eagle Nest, Rwakobo Rock, Arcadia Cottages, Mburo Safari Lodge, Mantana Tented Camp and Mihingo Lodge.

For more information about Cycling safaris in Uganda, kindly contact our office by email: [email protected] or phone call at: +256 776 660 918/ +256 751 646 578