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Lake Bunyonyi Safaris

Lake Bunyonyi Safaris

Lake Bunyonyi is located in south-western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale district and it is close to the border with Rwanda. Towns on its shores include Kyevu and Muko, while its 29 islands include Punishment Island and Bushara Island. Lake Bunyonyi deserves a place on your African travel radar due to its beauty and its well marked as a great spot to relax and chill out, Lake Bunyonyi offers tourist a number of choices when it comes to things to see and do and believe to be the second deepest lake in Africa.
Lake Bunyonyi is a water body in south western Uganda near the Rwandan border, and one of the country’s top natural treasures. And, at 1,962m above sea level, the lake enjoys moderate temperatures year round, cool in both the mornings and evenings. Most tourist make it an R&R “rest and recuperation”. Stop for gorilla trekking in nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and even from Kibale National Park on the other side of Uganda where you spent the day trekking chimpanzees.
Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded by lush, green-terraced hills that reach a height of 2,200-2,478m, but it’s the 29 islands of various shapes and sizes scattered across the water that make it most magical which you could admire the all day It’s a sight that reinvents itself every hour or two with the ever-changing climate and direction of the sun. Chilly foggy morning, the islands weave through cotton candy-like streams of mist and, in the afternoon, they’re bathed in the warm glow of the sun. Later, they’re silhouetted against a dim sky as evening approaches.
Evening approaches, the islands vanish from sight completely, hidden under a blanket of clouds, which it only took an hour to see them emerge once more. There’s nothing like that powerful moment when the mystical scene opened up to us for the first time, high up on a hill that claims to have the most breathtaking eye catching stunning view of Lake Bunyonyi, silently absorbing what is before your eyes and what fantasy step to find such natural wonders.


Lake Bunyonyi is known as one of the few lakes in Uganda free of bilharzia which is common parasite found in southern Africa, making its waters safe for swimming. It’s also free of dangerous wildlife like hippos and crocodiles. The only warning for visitors is the depth — inexperienced swimmers should take caution.

Ride a Canoe

This is the most common mode of transportation on this waters, is the dugout canoe, which offers a completely different perspective of the lake. You can rent your own to explore the islands. Each island is associated with a legend. Punishment (Akampene) Island, the smallest and most notorious of the 29 islets, holds a dark reputation: it’s where pregnant, unmarried girls were exiled to starve or drown if they attempted to swim away.

Community Walks

Explore the settlements along the shores to experience everyday life among playful children, farmers and women wrapped in multi-colored kangas.

Hiking trails

With your resourceful local guide, this leads you along the best hiking trails on the islands or through the terraces of the Kigezi highlands to be rewarded with spectacular views of the landscapes and even some wildlife. Forest and tree plantations can be found on some of the islands, as well as monkeys and zebras. Otters can also be spotted in the waters.

Nature walks

Walking around the Lake Bunyonyi waters while listening the tearing water and melodies of birds as consequently the feeling of the fresh breeze of Lake Bunyonyi and community around. The interesting walk can be done along the lake shores and it involves tourists sailing to Bunyonyi’s different islands.

Bird Watching

Birding Uganda
Meaning “the place of little birds”, Lake Bunyonyi takes its name from the abundant bird life that call it home. Over 200 species are found here, including herons, weaver birds and grey-crowned cranes. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most idyllic natural settings in Africa which you would contend, the world has to offer piece of nature that excites all the sense in you.

Cultural Tours

Lake Bunyonyi has cultural and natural sights like the Bakora cave, the Batwa (pygmies) and the Abaheesi (traditional black smiths) communities that are accessible in close proximity. While visiting islands around the lake like Habuharo, Akampene and Bucuraniko Island, they offer you a memory-catching experience which leaves you not the same. The Twa villages in the area, but Batwa today are the most recommended, aiming to deliver a more authentic exchange. Trips head to Echuya Forest, the former home of local Twa, and while there are cultural performances.


Visiting Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda