Insights of Kidepo Valley National Park

Isolated from Uganda’s main stream by the hash plain north of Mount Elgon Kidepo Valley National Park is one of Africa’s last great wildness area, a track of ragged Savannah dominated by 2,750M Mount Murongole and transected by the Kidepo Valley and Narus river. Perennial water make Kidepo an oasis in the semi desert reflected in its 86 mammal species 28 of which occurring nowhere else in Uganda and almost 500 of Bird Species.

Insights of Kidepo valley national park

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Predators are well represented not only lions, cheetah and leopard but also the delightful bat eared fox, and insectivorous hyena-like aardwolf while a long list of dry country antelopes include the regal greater Kudu and Beisa Oryx. While game viewing can be excellent it is the thrilling sense of supreme isolation that distinguishes this rare slice of wild Africa, as yet undiscovered by the mass safari market.

How to get there
The park can be reached by both road and air. Driving is more rewarding, as much of Karamoja, like kidepo it self, is a vast and unspoiled wilderness. However, road conditions are sometimes difficult and 4WD vehicles are usually essential.

There are four possible routes by road: routes via Mbale pass to the east of Lake Kyoga to reach northern Uganda, routes via Karuma pass to the west. Visitors should note that the road mainly in use are from Kotido to Kaabong passes via Kanawat not via losilang as indicated on most maps. Inquire at Kotido more can be accessed through a visit to Uganda Wildlife Tours to Kidepo Valley.

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