Kidepo Valley National Park Hidden treasures in Uganda

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3 days tour to discover Africa’s finest wilderness in Uganda
Join Kjong Uganda safaris as we discover Africa’s finest national park with a tour to Kidepo valley national park hidden treasures, which has been ranked among the finest wilderness in Africa, because of its beautiful untouched savannah landscape hence fit for ecotourism, and various wildlife like the giraffes, the cheetah and the big five that are viewed while on a game drive. Kidepo Valley National Park Game Drives are tracks that enable you to encounter the Wild of Africa’s finest without the crowds, game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park are conducted depending on your place of stay for example if your staying at Apoka Lodge, your accessible to two activities per day hence kidepo valley game drive will be inclusive. lodges such as the Uganda Wildlife Authority Bandas and Nga Mmoru Wildlife Camp mean you do kidepo valley national game drive with in your safari vehicles but accompanied with a Uganda wildlife game ranger. By choosing to fly Kidepo you get to avoid the long distance hectic and you get to experience a great view of the areas adding spice to your safari and tour.
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Discover Africa’s finest wilderness in 5 days tour
Join Kjong Uganda safaris as we discover Africa’s finest wildernesses you can ever find, Kjong safari has the expertise in even the most remote and isolated adventure places you will possibly ever enjoy. Our 5 days Kidepo valley Uganda tour takes you to Kidepo Valley National Park a completely different world full of vast plains, with inspiring views from every stoppage on the tour point, Lots of wildlife as you drive into the park. Kidepo valley offers a breathtaking open savannah which is surrounded by spectacular mountain landscape nowhere to be seen in Africa! The park is neighbored by semi nomadic old world tribe of the karamonjong and Iki our tour includes a visit to karamonjong community and there culture. The Karamojong People are Warrior nomads the Karamoja region. Their pride is their cattle hence making it a daily routine to conduct cattle raids as the rule of the day though of recent this has been brought to an end by the government of Uganda. The contunious raids have been calmed down in recent years and the Karamojong have been disarmed and have become a lot more passive in nature. Cattle is still king, however subsistence farming has become a lot more common due to continued support from the government. This is an arid regions and people have to walk miles in order to find water, on the other hand at times their have been floods here wreaking havoc among the people who live here. This is a cultural visit that you will find most interesting and give you insights into Authentic Africa and in particular insights into the Karamojong People who live and who are related to the Maasai. This has made this 5 day tour to Kidepo valley national park rank among the most popular safaris offered.
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Discover Kidepo National Park treasures in 8 Days Vacation
Drive to Gulu after breakfast, stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary to visit the rhino, the private ranch is home to thirteen white rhinos under the rhino fund international, where a breeding programme is under way, with growth in number these will be introduced back in their former range which was Murchison national park, travel to Kidepo valley national park through the plain lands of Acholi and partly karamonja area, On the way to the park we will stopover at karenge to see the lokajong caves in karenge community wildlife area which is an important habitats for wildlife migrating outside the park in search for pasture and water during the dry season. As your at kidepo valley national park, catch the sun rise behind the mountain before flooding the valley then off for the game drive to enjoy sightings of herds of elephants, cape buffaloes, giraffes, lions and plenty more lunch at place of accommodation. In the afternoon with our kidepo tour plan we are joined by an expert ranger guide for a nature walk to explore kidepo valley national park on foot away from the steel clad of safari car sharing his knowledge of the eco-system and also bring you closure to the animals.
Kidepo Valley Park is a great place for birdwatching that also would like to enjoy wildlife in the remote Kidepo Valley Park. Kidepo is notable for its birds of prey, there are 56 species recorded, Pygmy Falcon, Verreaux’s Eagle and Egyptian Vulture are believed to be endemic to Kidepo valley. Kidepo Valley national Park is one park in Uganda where you can find the ostriches, for an increased number of Ostriches in kidepo valley national park, their Eggs are being harvested for breeding by the Uganda wildlife Authority.
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kidepo NP hidden treasures
10 Days Murchison National Park & Kidepo National Park Combined.
Kjong Uganda safaris brings you Kidepo valley national park great Hoilday tour, Kidepo NP is ranked among Africa’s finest wilderness, this park combines all that is found in other parks but whats makes it unique are the Cheetahs and Ostriches flightless birds, surrounded by a nomadic culture similar to that of the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania. With plenty of water holes game viewing both on the drive and even on the porch of your lodging is spectacular, Hence experience a great game drive in Uganda. A 10 days kidepo valley tour will enable you see all that you could have liked to find in Africa right away from the view of original Africa 50 years back. Kidepo Valley national Park has got all that it takes to make one bare unforgettable memories due to its world class game drive. Kidepo Valley Park is not just another safari park in Africa but an experience of the African Wilderness like no other as the past clients have been amazed as to what awaited them while they took a safari here. Kidepo Valley National Park the un visited and remote treasure hidden in Africa is a place to visit for sure.
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