Katonga Wildlife Reserve Uganda

Katonga Wildlife Reserve Uganda

Katonga Wildlife Reserve is savannah grassland located in western Uganda along Kyenjojo and Kamwenge Districts which sites on an area of about 207sq.km approximately 4 hours’ drive from Kampala the capital of Uganda. Katonga Wildlife Reserve is situated along the banks of Katonga River, Katonga Wildlife Reserve driven its name from river Katonga which was established in 1998. Katonga wildlife reserve is unpopular destination which is a home to various reptiles, amphibians and butterflies, the reserve host over 40 species of mammals, some of the possible mammals to be viewed include waterbucks, reed duck, River otter elephants, the Uganda Kobs, African elephants, warthogs various species of primates such as olive baboons, and colobus monkeys among others and the reserve is considered one of the places to view the secretive Sitatunga Antelope in the East and central Africa and harbors over 140 species of birds which makes it one of the best spots for bird watching destination in Uganda. Katonga Wildlife Reserve has terrain is predominantly undulating in nature with distinct vegetation types. Vegetation includes Grasslands, Wooded grasslands, Woodlands, Riverine woodlands, Swamp, Riverine grasslands and papyrus. The reserve is mixed with savannah acacia or woodland meaning the biggest area of the reserve is permanent wetlands. The reserve also harbors various Riverine and tropical forests. Its unique geographical location between forests swamps and savannah vegetation gives the reserve a diverse ecosystem that favors the existence of a variety of animal species. The most dominant plant species include Sporobolus Festivus and Chloris gayana.

Uganda Kobs in Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Uganda Kobs in Katonga Wildlife Reserve

What to do in Katonga wildlife reserve

Game viewing

Game viewing in Katonga wildlife reserve gives a unique opportunity to visitors that spot out several mammal species. It is home to over 40 species of mammal and the commonly seen species include elephants, waterbucks, warthogs, Uganda Kobs, olive baboons and among others.

Guided walk

Katonga wildlife reserve has three guided nature walk trails which last over 6 hours. The Kyeibale trail which takes you through an area with tall rock formations as well as forested caves and valley, the Sitatunga trail takes you through the grassland and wetland and this trail offers you an opportunity to come across the rare Sitatunga Antelopes and this where it has driven its name. Lastly, the Kisharara trails which takes you through main habitats within the park comprising of grassland, savanna and swamp fringes and is a good trail for viewing Sitatunga antelopes and other species which include troops of black and white colobus monkeys and bird species.

Canoeing on River Katonga

Canoe trips offer the traveler an opportunity to see various species of mammals and birds such as water and papyrus associated birds, the river otters and the Sitatunga antelopes, it also provides a good chance to see Kingfishers and storks like shoebill stork. The canoe trail is a two kilometers ride through the reed and papyrus swamp guided by a local boat operator. A safari to Katonga wildlife reserve gives you the opportunity to cruise a canoe as you trail through a shallow channel and its swampy areas.

Visits the local people

Visiting the local people in their homestead is a life-changing experience. It offers you an opportunity to learn more about the local community in their environment and the way of leaving. The Banyakole people are the most popular people surrounding the wildlife reserve, they are cattle keepers of Ankole cattle commonly known as long-horned cattle and they also arrange cultural dances for visitors as part of entertainment.

How to reach to Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Katonga wildlife reserve is located in Ibanda-Kamwenge District approximately 200km 4 hours’ drive from Kampala city the capital of Uganda along Mbarara highway.