How to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda
How to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda begs for one to be well equipped with knowledge about the place he/she is going to conduct a gorilla trek, therefore this article will be of great help to you if your planning to track mountain gorillas in Bwinidi impenetrable national park which happens to habituate more than a half of the total population of the endangered mountain gorillas in the world.
Brief introduction about the gorilla trekking destination
Best hours for gorilla trekking tours in Bwindi impenetrable national park and safari itinerary
Duties for different Bwindi impenetrable forest staff as you do gorilla trekking tours in the park
Personal health status in relation to the gorilla trekking tour
What to equipe your self with for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda
Gorilla trekking tour do’s and don’ts

Brief introduction about the gorilla trekking destination

Generally in Uganda Gorilla trekking tours are commonly done from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that later was gazetted to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Bwindi impenetrable national park covers 331 km2 hence located in South Western Uganda on the edge of Albertine Rift Valley, at an altitude that ranges from 1,160 m to 2,607 m. Bwindi Impenetrable forest is a real tropical rain forest that is spread all over a series of steep ridges and valleys, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is regarded as one of the most biologically diverse forest in Africa hence fit for ecotourism. In the local language “Bwindi” as derived from “Mubwindi” means “dark place” referring to the impenetrable nature for human beings to the swamp located in the South East of the actual Park according to legends. Here are two best gorilla trekking destinations in Africa.

Duties for different Bwindi impenetrable forest staff as you do gorilla trekking tours in the park

As one of the weapons on how to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, getting to know the people that will lead you through the process of trekking the mountain gorillas from the impenetrable jungle forest would be grateful.
Gorilla trackers
Gorilla trackers are known to be experts in tracking gorilla where about, the trackers happen to have studied and practically been frequently associating with the gorillas in the wilderness, therefore from the knowledge they have about gorillas they can be able to study and tell what the gorilla is up to, hence they can trace the where a bouts of gorillas by analyzing the gorilla remains like the gorilla nests and dung, they can interpret the gorilla language hence be there to advise you on what to do in case the gorilla charges. Gorilla trackers are being sent into the impenetrable forest hours earlier before the tourists can set off for the gorilla trekking tour trails deep into the impenetrable forest. This is done so as they can be able to track down different allocated gorilla groups as they set off there day from their respective nests since they build nest on a daily basis which makes it hard to track them down.
Trackers carry telecommunication devices which enable them to communicate with the gorilla guides who guide you through the impenetrable forest.
Gorilla trekking guides
Gorilla trekking guides are always assigned according to number of gorilla trekking groups, each gorilla trekking group contains eight tourists. Therefore these gorilla trekking guides direct the tourists through out the entire impenetrable forest so as to easily connect with the gorilla trackers that had gone on the track earlier ago. It being an impenetrable rain forest, they finding way through it one hard thing to achieve therefore with the help of the gorilla trekking guides who have been to the impenetrable forest several times, trailing through out the forest is made easy hence enabling tourists to have a story to tell after the gorilla trekking tour to the impenetrable forest.
Gorilla trekking game rangers
Game rangers these are well trained Uganda wildlife staff that are always armed so as to ensure total protection from aggressive animals deep down into the impenetrable forest. Bwindi impenetrable forest also happens to habituate a number of different mammal species that go up to 120 in number,346 species of birds, 202 species of butterflies, 163 species of trees, 100 species of ferns, 27 species chameleons, geckos, frogs and over 400 species of plants. The forest elephants tend to be aggressive when met in the most cases therefore the game rangers take some few gun shoots in the sky so as to scare them away hence proceed with the gorilla trekking trails.
Gorilla trekking porters
Porters are put in place to help carry luggage for the tourists who might want to do the gorilla trekking trail without any heavy item on them, some times tourists e.g aged 65yrs and above that can’t trekking down gorillas but would like to go for gorilla trekking tours can hire the porters who will take the initiatives to carry you down and up hills as you trail gorillas through out the impenetrable forest, these are privately hired by a specified tourist.
Porters also do offer a luxury gorilla trail where by they get you a luxury seat and hence carry you down the impenetrable forest. Witnessed example: I happened to encounter a gorilla trekking tour at Rushaga gate Bwindi impenetrable forest, then i got a chance to trek with one gentleman who looked to be an elderly person ranging from 60 – 70yrs old weighting around 280lb but loved to experience gorilla trekking, so he opted for a luxury gorilla trail where he was carried by porters on a comfortable seat“just like how African king’s used to travel before car’s where initiated in Uganda” through out the trail, but trust me this was one thing i also wished to experience having reached mid the impenetrable forest a trek that had taken almost 1:30hrs. The gentleman accomplished the gorilla trekking tour with 1000 smiles on his face testifying it as a leaving story to tell. Since porters are a few spotted persons from the community surrounding the impenetrable forest, they also take part in the roles of conserving the entire forest and its habituation.

Personal health status in relation to the gorilla trekking tour

How to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda includes doing a medical check up so as not to be denied a chance of encountering a gorilla trekking experience. Therefore it’s of help to know your medical status before you encounter the gorilla trek.
Scientifically it’s proven that human beings share up to 98% genes with gorillas, therefore any related healthy issues like diarrhea, cough, flu and any kind of skin disease, your not allowed to go for a gorilla trail deep inside the impenetrable forest as it can be the only way to get reed of spreading the diseases to the mountain gorillas.
Gorilla trekking is an activity that takes an entire day but on average it takes you 2:30hrs to trek down gorillas, therefore this means that you almost spend the entire day in the jungle with the gorillas.

What to equip your self with for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda

How to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda involves knowing the commodities that would enable you have great times while in Bwindi impenetrable National Park.
As your preparing your self for great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, make sure you travel with the following items hence make it one unforgettable gorilla trekking tour in Uganda.

  • Trekking/Hiking boots,
  • Long sleeved shirts,
  • A pair of long stockings,
  • A glove to grip vegetation,
  • Trousers,
  • Bush hat that bare a brim for sun protection.Rain jackets and sweaters or jumpers in case it rains,
  • Photo/Video coverage devices hence extra lenses and Reserve batteries can be of great use,
  • Water proof bags to secure your devices from getting damaged by water in case it rains.
  • Insect repellents or bug spray,
  • At least two liters of water,
  • Packed lunch since it’s an activity that is most likely to take the whole day,
  • Gorilla trekking tour do’s and don’ts

    How to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda includes knowing the do’s and don’ts while in the jungle as you trail down the endangered mountain gorillas these can help you have great times in the jungle.

  • Avoid dropping rubbish with in the park premises hence make it a point to keep your rubbish back in the bag until you get a proper disposable area back at the wildlife center, this is done due to avoid harming the animals in case they came across any of the rubbish in the jungle which could cause to their death.
  • As you trail down gorillas, you stand a chance of coming across different species of animals with in the impenetrable forest, therefore your advised to keep voices low so as not to scare away these other animals.
  • Always keep a 7 m distance from the gorillas, its advised to always keep our selves at least 7m away from the gorillas simply because some of these gorillas like the silver backs have been occasionally attacked by the poachers therefore when you tend to get near any of its down lines, it’s most likely to charge thinking your want to take away it’s young ones.
  • In some occasions the young ones tend to be playful and come to people but please always make it 7m by moving backwards.

  • Always move in groups so as to keep the gorillas cum.
  • While with the gorillas your not supposed to smoke neither to eat during that gross period of an hours time, this can be done after moving to a distance of 200 m away from the gorillas.
  • Sneezing directly facing the gorillas is not allowed, because it’s proven that we do share up to 98% of genes. Hence this means that they can also easily get the disease, therefore your advised to turn around face a different direction then sneeze.
  • Best hours for gorilla trekking tours in Bwindi impenetrable national park and safari itinerary

    How to get prepared for a great gorilla trekking tour in Uganda starts with knowing the best hours for visiting the jungle and the best hours when the mountain gorillas are in their active hours of playing and eating, this will enable you have a great scenery of the endangered mountain gorillas.

  • It’s best to trek these gorillas in the morning hours because they can be just leaving their nests as they go to hunt for food, during afternoon and evening hours, they are always relaxing mostly the silver backs which take up to around 25kgs of food hence they can be relaxing or some times it tends to rain mostly during evening hours, therefore its good to go trekking during the morning hours as you will get a chance to watch the endangered gorillas eat and play around with young ones.
  • Having completed the Gorilla Trekking Tour, a ceremonial is always awarded as a sign of accomplishing the gorilla trekking tour. Here are several gorilla trekking tour itinerary that can enable you experience a spectacular gorilla trail with in Bwindi impenetrable national park of Uganda and Parc des volcano National park of Rwanda.
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