Bwindi forest home of Gorillas

uganda national parks bwindi impenetrable national park

Bwindi impenetrable national park lies in the southwestern of uganda of the rift valley,its mist-covered hillsides are blanketed by one of uganda’s oldest and most biologyical rainforest, which dates back to 25,000 years and contains almost 400species of plants.More so it protect an estimated 320 gorillas almost half of the world’s of the worlds population.This biologically forest diverse region also shelter to a further 120 mammals, including several primate species such as baboons and chimpanzees, as well as elephants and antelopes.

There are also around 350 species of birds including 23 albertine rift endemics hosted in this forest.The biological forest is neighboured by several towns like Buhoma where gorilla trekking
activity is done,Nkuringo,Rushanga,Ruhija and Nyundo which sits on the congo border and offers wonderfull guided hikes along the hill crests and rivers to discover waterfalls, glorious views and the traditional lifestyle and folklore of the kigezi people.

Bwindi has got a population of about 400 gorillas of which an estimated 116 are habituated. Gorillas are intelligent, majestic, gentle giants that share an astonishing 98.4% of their genetric material with humans.

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