BUNYONYI ECO RESORT “A place for Reflection”

Uganda safaris to Lake Bunyonyi

Bunyonyi Eco Resort Kyahugye is lake Bunyonyi’s most high end nature Resort located on a private island. The Eco Resort is located less than 5 mins boat cruise from the main land. Bunyonyi Eco Resort sits on 33 acres of land with both naturally and planted tropical green vegetation. About 200 species of birds find their sanctuary in this island making it a haven for bird watchers. Notable specie here is the Uganda national bird “The Crested Crane”,then other common species are the pied king fisher, the bee eaters,and the swamp fly catcher.

Kyahugye is the only island in lake bunyonyi where you will find wild animals like the gracious impala, water bucks, the uganda kobs and zebra. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the many fresh water lakes in uganda.The name “Bunyonyi” is literary translated as many birds, hence the lake of many birds this is a fact manifested with over 200 bird species in Kyahugye island.The lake lies 1962m above sea level and is about 25kilometers long and 7kilometers wide. It is suspected to be as deep as 900m making it the second deepest lake in africa next to L.Tanganyika from Tanzania. The lake comprises of 29 islands some of which are of significant historical values to the inhabitants in this area. the most notable ones are Kyahugye, Bushara, Akampene(punishment island) and Buwama.

The Eco Resort Mission is to provide exceptional hospitality experience in spectacular surroudings, by delivering quality service in an atmosphere of comfort, openness and friendship through adherence and community to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibilty.

where as Eco Resort vision is to become the choice destination for both local and foreign tourists in search of a more beautiful ecologically balanced resort island paradise in this part of Uganda, at par with the best beaches, resorts and hotels worldwide.

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