Kampala city tour buses

Boosting the tourism sector in Uganda

Boosting the Tourism Sector in Uganda

Five executive tour buses were secured to boost city tours for better city views and three 45 seater motorized boats that were introduced to make boat cruse trips in respective national parks an amazing experience hence boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.
Uganda Tourism Board has fulfilled its mandate of promoting tourism both in the country and abroad by hiring three public relations and marketing firms to promote Uganda as a tourism destination in German speaking, in UK and US.
According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority, national parks have registered an increase in the number of tourists visiting from the targeted countries as been indicated above, especially the US. The tourism figures showed that visits to the national parks increased to 305,000 in 2018 from 190,000 in 2010 as recorded, evidence that there is movement in the market attributed to the aggressive marketing. As a result of this growth, the government is continuing to fund the public relations and marketing firms to build on the foundation already laid by the project and is looking to extend coverage to other countries.
In addition, Uganda Tourism Board(UTB) was supported to attend over 10 exhibitions internationally, host the regional pearl of Africa Tourism Expo and the first ever African Birding Expo. According to Herbert Byaruhanga, one of Uganda’s top birding experts, there have been a number of follow up bookings and actual visits directly attributed to the birding EXPO.
Strengthening the capacity of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)
UWA’s organizational capabilities and facilities have been boosted with five executive tour buses meant to improve on city tour views and three 45seater motorized boats were procured to improve boat cruise safaris across the respective parks. This has gradually improved both local and international tourism hence registering an increase in revenue and increased customer satisfaction as witnessed from several visitors touring different Uganda national parks in return boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.