Leopards in Uganda

August 29th, 2017

Leopards in Uganda
A Leopard is one of the hardest large species to observe in Uganda, thanks to it’s nocturnal, solitary behavior and well camouflaged coat. Their survival is partly due to their adaptability to warm and cold climates and ability to climb trees while carrying heavy prey keeping it safe from other predators such as Lions and Hyenas. Leopards are too shay animals that are rarely seen in open areas therefore this makes them most rare animals to spot out, Leopards in Murchison Falls National Park.

They can run at an incredible speeds of up to 58 km(36 miles) per hour, they commonly feed on Antelopes, Monkeys, Fish, Birds, Insects and Reptiles. Historically, Leopards were hunted because of their beautiful spotted skin as it was commonly used by most local leaders as a symbol of them being great warriors. This caused their decrease in number hence being scare to meet across the continent but these can be spotted out from some of Ugandan National Parks on a lucky day. Leopard spotted out in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

In Uganda we can encounter Leopards from three different parks that include Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Visit our website: www.kjongsafarisuganda.com for detailed information about Uganda and it’s most treasured wonders hence Book a trip to Uganda the Pearl of Africa and build a life time experience with rare primates like Gorillas.

Red Chilli Rest Camp Murchison Falls National Park

August 22nd, 2017

Red chilli rest camp Murchison falls
Red chilli Rest Camp is located at the southern bank of River Nile in the heart of Murchison Falls National Park the largest park in Uganda, it’s a 1min 30secs drive from the Campsite to Paraa ferry while driving at a speed of 20kmh, it’s at this point where boats for cruising safaris, sport fishing safaris are booked and it’s where all vehicles cross the Nile for game drives around the Nile Delta.

Red chilli rest camp has got a fully stocked bar and restaurant that has got spectacular views of the Nile, tea and coffee are always served whenever the restaurant is open, there breakfast is hearty and packed breakfast can be booked a day before for great preparation.

The Red chilli rest camp offers mid budget accommodation in the heart of the park with it’s well furnished safari tents and bandas that have got either public or private bathrooms with fitted solar hot water systems, therefore here the choice is in your hands, their is a provision of camping facilities with security lights, toilets, modern showers and cooking area. These toilets and showers have a provision of disabled visitors.

Guests to Red chilli rest camp often enjoy sights of Rothschild giraffes, warthogs, hippos and other wild animals that commonly roam around the camp site mostly during night hours. Visitors should take strict precaution on storing there foods and drinks in their tents so as to prevent these foods from being raided by the wild animals, flash photographs are strictly not allowed.
Most evening while at the rest camp, a bonfire is lit so as to experience a great camping safari to rest.

Red Chilli rest camp is proven to be one hottest place to chilli while in Uganda.

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African Elephants in Uganda

August 15th, 2017

African elephants in Uganda
African elephants are elephants of the genus loxodonta from Greek they consist of two extant species the African bush elephants and the smaller African forest elephants. The African elephant is the largest living land mammal that happens to be a sight not to miss on Uganda’s wide stretched Savannah.

These can be seen from far away matching across the grasslands in search of the incredible amounts of vegetation they need to eat each day with around 30-50 gallons of water for drinking. Their continuous grazing is affecting the countries ecosystem as it prevents the Savannah and shrub land from turning into impenetrable forests more especially in areas of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and many other surrounding game parks in Uganda.

The African elephant’s trunk is the most useful feature that enables the elephant to do most of it’s activities like alerting, digging, gathering foods, spraying water and dusting, these trunks do extra services like providing extra support to the elephant in any case, and have been observed caressing companions with their trunks, and greeting other family members whenever they meet, even display grieving behavior over dead companions, adopt orphaned calves and they look to good at remembering more especially when anything bad is done to them they won’t forget the area of scene, colors that where present on scene and they leave to revenge on any color similar to what they saw during the scene.

Both male and female African elephants have tusks unlike the Asian Elephants where a few males have tusks and about 50% of the Asian female elephants have short tushes that don’t have pulp inside them.

A grown African Elephant goes up to a height of 11ft, gestation period of 22month, the African bush elephant weights up to 13,000lbs, the African forest elephant weights up to 6,000lbs and their life span is 60-70yrs.

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Birding Safaris in Murchison Falls Park

August 1st, 2017

Birding tour in Uganda
Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest park and this makes it home to a variety of birds with over 451 bird species recorded. The bird species habituated in Murchison falls include:- the Shoebill stock, Giant and malachite kingfishers, the Goliath Heron, the largest Heron in the world, a pair of Elegant grey crowned cranes, the Blue headed coucal, Swamp flycatcher, Squacco heron, Red-throated bee-eater, African jacana, Scandpipers, Denham’s bustard, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Black-billed barbet, Black-headed gonolek, Eastern grey platain-eater, African quail-finch, Silverbird, Piapiac, Pied, White-browed sparrow weaver, Speckle-fronted weaver and many others hence making Uganda’s number one game park good for Birding safaris in Uganda.

Murchison falls game drives and boat launch trips provide an opportunity for one to experience a distinct Bird life, including Savannah forest birds, water birds and albertine rift endemics. The commonest species found in the plains include the Marabu stork, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Secretary birds, Black bellied bustards, Open-billed storks and Window bird.

Closer to the river here you find more thickets and woodlands, the Swallow-tailed and Red-throated bee-eaters particularly in the Nyamusika cliffs woodland, Pied, Giant and malachite kingfisher, Francolin, Hornbills, Grey heron, Hamerkop, Shrikes, Flycatchers, Cuckoos, Woodpeckers, Crombecs and Warblers, Ducks, Geese, Stilts and Plovers.

Murchison falls main birding attraction is the Shoebill stock that is commonly sighted during dry season that is from January to March hence making a great 7 days Bird watching trip. Short treks starting from Mubako junction or Sambiya river lodge that are both located on the southern bank and nature walks along the northern bank from Paraa will enable you experience the best birding sessions in Murchison Falls.

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Safari Lodge Uganda Accommodation

July 12th, 2017

Mweya Safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth
Mweya Safari Lodge is Uganda’s finest lodge found in the far western parts of the country “Rwenzori region”, resting on a peninsula within the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park as it being surrounded by Mountain Rwenzori ranges, Mweya Safari Lodge has been proven to be one best destination for visitors eager to experience a spectacular luxury in the wilderness.

The Safari Lodge offers a range of activities these include: birding around the park as it’s know that Queen Elizabeth National Park habitat’s over 600 species of birds in Uganda, game drives with in the park, Chimpanzee trekking trails can be done from with in the kyambura gorge that is completely ecosystem and experiencing a launch trip on the Kazinga Channel using one of Mweya Safari lodge luxury boats.

All rooms at Mweya Safari Lodge have got a spectacular view point of the Kazinga channel hence enabling you relax and feel like an Angel, while chilling you can watch the forest hogs grazing around your room and the odd curious hippos.

Mweya Safari Lodge offers a massage to those who want to unwind and relax, Mweya Health Club offers treatments as a symbol of offering new life and vitality to visitors that had long days out in the game park. Mweya Safari Lodge happens to be the first destination for Discovering Africa hence experience an unforgettable memories.

Mweya Safari Lodge offers the following types of accommodation:

  • 32 Standard Rooms,
  • 12 Deluxe Rooms with Air-conditioning,
  • 2 Suites,
  • Luxury Tents & Cottages,
  • Mweya Safari Lodge goes ahead to carter for those special guests that are seeking optimum privacy, the Safari Lodge provides several luxury cottages to suit your needs they include: Family cottages that is “The Rwenzori Cottage” and “The Royal Cottage” these are good for families, the Queen’s Cottage and the Presidential Cottage just like their names, these are meant for delegates visiting the Safari Lodge therefore any one can grab a chance to share services offered to these delegates by booking your self a stay in one of the Cottages.

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