3 Days Gorilla trekking in Rwanda | Rwanda gorilla tours

Silverback and Juvenile


Gorillas in the Virunga massif can be accessed by a multitude of routes and from different international airports of the gorilla countries that is Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Uganda you normally travel from Kampala city that is via Entebbe International Airport and this would approximately take you 11 hrs to get to the gorilla mountains though scenic and nice tarmac roads, If you choose to take a chartered or regular scheduled flight by the local aero-link company to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is about two hours of flight time to get there. With time we have created a alternative mixed option to get to the gorilla in a short time, the mountain gorilla forest lies on the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and DR.Congo, for Uganda the two countries are south west, the mixed alternative is both air and road combination to the gorilla. From the Rwanda capital Kigali city that is just 100km from the Ugandan boarder and less than 200 km to the nearest gorilla points from the main Kigali’s Kanombe International Airport, making it the nearest international airport to the mountain gorilla of the three countries, this airport makes Uganda a less than 6 hrs drive with boarder clearance, nice tarmac roads, with reasonable traffic, you are in Bwindi Impenetrable forest, therefore if one fly’s into Kigali International Airport you are much closer and therefore is the most suitable choice for those not into a long road trip, this translates into less fatigue from the long drive and enough energy to do gorilla trekking the following day. In addition to the best price, gorilla permits in Uganda is at $600 for the 1 hr visit and $1500 for the 4 hrs gorilla habituation experience, given the above advantages Kjong Safaris offers Rwanda–Bwindi Gorilla Safaris both for 2 days and 3 days at the best gorilla permit price for anyone constrained by time, but with gorilla adventure on your bucket list, this mixed approach is not limited to these short holidays only, one can choose Kigali International Kanombe as his or her first port of arrival to explore and discover the region.