African Elephants in Uganda

African elephants in Uganda
African elephants are elephants of the genus loxodonta from Greek they consist of two extant species the African bush elephants and the smaller African forest elephants. The African elephant is the largest living land mammal that happens to be a sight not to miss on Uganda’s wide stretched Savannah.

These can be seen from far away matching across the grasslands in search of the incredible amounts of vegetation they need to eat each day with around 30-50 gallons of water for drinking. Their continuous grazing is affecting the countries ecosystem as it prevents the Savannah and shrub land from turning into impenetrable forests more especially in areas of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and many other surrounding game parks in Uganda.

The African elephant’s trunk is the most useful feature that enables the elephant to do most of it’s activities like alerting, digging, gathering foods, spraying water and dusting, these trunks do extra services like providing extra support to the elephant in any case, and have been observed caressing companions with their trunks, and greeting other family members whenever they meet, even display grieving behavior over dead companions, adopt orphaned calves and they look to good at remembering more especially when anything bad is done to them they won’t forget the area of scene, colors that where present on scene and they leave to revenge on any color similar to what they saw during the scene.

Both male and female African elephants have tusks unlike the Asian Elephants where a few males have tusks and about 50% of the Asian female elephants have short tushes that don’t have pulp inside them.

A grown African Elephant goes up to a height of 11ft, gestation period of 22month, the African bush elephant weights up to 13,000lbs, the African forest elephant weights up to 6,000lbs and their life span is 60-70yrs.

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