Africa Big Five Uganda Safaris Experience

Africa Big five Uganda Safaris Experience

Africa Big five Uganda Safaris Experience

Africa big five Uganda safaris experience is the most Africa’s amazing encounter to spot out big five games that can easily be seen either on the game drive, safari walk and boat cruise. Africa big five include Rhinoceros, Elephants, Lions, Leopards and Cape Buffaloes. Why Big five many theories are advanced one being that during the early time when exploration of the African continent the above were the most sought after big trophy animals during the hunting expeditions.

The Rhinoceros in Uganda are the white sub specie which is grey by appearance but referred to wide mouth rhino in Afrikaans. Theses rhino are different from their black cousins by the alignment of their horns, the black Rhino have longer and slender horn well aligned behind each other whereas the white are predominately grazers helped by having a wide upper lip, the black are browsers helped by their long necks.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary Day tour

The African bush elephants which were once almost wiped out due to the high demand of their tusks are now much better in numbers this largest land mammal is found in most savannah parks of Uganda has greatly increased in number due to the improved protection and conservation methods, living in family herds headed by matriarchal and assisted by other adult female to look after the young and protect the family, there two sub species in Uganda the not easily seen forest species and the most common open savannah species.
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The African Lion is the most sought after big five mammal and largest among cat family, these social animals live in prides ranging from as small as four to even twenty. The family set up is an alpha dominate male and female, male and female are differentiated by the mane that the male grow around their necks and outweigh the female when mature, one common character among the lion pride is the communal caring of the young, the female members of the pride easily accept other cubs to the extent if need arises they can nurse them.
Lions in Murchison Falls National Park

The Leopard another member of the big five and also in the cat family is the most elusive and not easily sighted but this mostly arboreal habitat can be found in most Uganda parks, one character they exhibit is they are loners, it is only possible to see more than one leopard during matting time and nursing time mother and cubs.
Visiting Lake Mburo National Park Leopard sighting

The African cape buffaloes are present in all Uganda National Parks even the forests, they exist in forest and open savannah buffaloes which are more bigger in size, a herd of buffaloes is from 100 to over 200, this is normally a breeding herd which is made of calves, sub adults , juveniles and cows with a dominate bull.

Buffaloes in Uganda National Park

Buffaloes in Uganda National Park

The big five experience and vacation is possible in most savannah parks of Uganda, the trips to Murchison falls and Kidepo Valley National Park are purely a big five safari options whereas safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semuliki Valley and Lake Mburo National Park are majorly Big 4 National Parks and these exclude scenes of Rhinos.
Rhinos in Uganda are currently found at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary with now over 20 Rhinos roaming freely unlike in the zoo, the trekking is usually on foot no amour plating around you, which is an amazing experience because you are out of the comfort zone. The other members of the big five are seen on the game drives in either Kidepo Valley or Murchison fall National Parks or encountering amazing boat cruises on the Nile River or Kazinga channel that connects Lake George to Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park.