5 Best reasons to consider before choosing a tour operator in Uganda

5 Best reasons to consider before choosing a tour operator in Uganda
Due to increased number of tour companies being formed in Uganda, where by over 600 tour companies though registered or unregistered are currently operating in the field of tourism, we take you through 5 best reasons to consider while choosing the best tour operator for your safaris to Uganda, So as not to risk your life time adventure to Uganda “the pearl of Africa”.

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Uganda certificate of incorporation
For any business to take place in Uganda, the associated companies must be fully registered with the Uganda Registrar Service Bureau (URSB). Where a certificate of incorporation will be rewarded to different companies specifying different kinds of business they conduct. Therefore it would be of great use if clients seek for copies of Uganda certificate of incorporation from respective tour operators.

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Association of Uganda Tour operators(AUTO)
Due to increased number of tourism companies existing in Uganda, so many of these tour companies conduct business though they are not licensed by the government of Uganda and are not members of the Association of Uganda Tour operators (AUTO). The government has however started looking out for those companies that are not registered and has also put penalties in place to control their increasing number. Some companies have copied the Association of Uganda Tour operators (AUTO) logo and pasted it on their websites when they are actually not members of the Association. Therefore it’s a good act to go ahead and seek for copies of the member ship certificate.

Form of payment as desired by different tour operators.
Most tour operators always prefer sending money thorough PayPal, bank transfers, pesa pal, paying at the offices of the tour operator and sending money to a company account rather than a personal account, you again stand warned on the process of sending money through western union or money gram, Therefore Uganda contains a lot of shadow companies that do operate with intentions of making money at all costs no matter what circumstance hence reaching to an extent of violating rules that govern the Uganda tourism sector and once crimes are committed, it becomes hard for you to trace them down.

Consistence of the tour operator.
It’s always a good act to check out for About us pages on different websites of tour operators to find out if they got proper directions of their offices and contacts mostly information talking about the location of the company offices, email address, physical address, telephone contacts and the company profile.
Before submitting your bookings, make sure that you check how often the tour company carries out safaris with in the country. This can be determined by checking out some reviews on trip adviser or on safari bookings from the past clients who received services from the same tour operator. If you put this into consideration, you will be able to tell if the tour operator is reliable and trust worthy, since in tourism industry trust and reliability are the back bone of the whole process.
Checking about reputation can also be based on social media platforms like Google+, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Active social media plat forms indicate that the company still exists and fully operating.

Constant communication
Constant communication via social media platforms is a necessity for any tour operator, by doing so clients are always upto date about on going projects with in the tour company. Hence Tour operators are subjected to provide all the necessary information needed to her clients. In other wards they are supposed to offer proper and fluent feedback’s to their respective clients. So as to build confidence and trust to there respective clients. Discover top most interesting wildlife adventures in Uganda and to why Uganda is “Pearl of Africa”.

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