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Mutanda Lake Resort

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Mutanda lake resort
Mutanda Lake Resort is perched on a peninsula in Lake Mutanda with in the shadows of the great the Virunga Mountains which is also known as Mufumbiro here in Uganda, these are specifically chains of volcanoes that are basically settled along the northern border of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The mountain range is part of the Albertine Rift Mountains, that border the western part of the East African Rift.

Mutanda Lake Resort offers one of the most quality and comfortable accommodations that are combined with spectacular views of the lake and it’s neighboring shadows of Virunga mountain range, this makes Mutanda lake resort to be one place with beautiful scenery on planet earth.

The resort is one blessed hidden treasure located in between Uganda’s most geographically interesting areas that is Kisoro town land of a thousand green hills and multiple crater lakes, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home of mountain gorillas and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where gold meets silver hence providing the best destination for Gorilla trekkers, Golden monkey trackers, hikers, birdwatchers, Honeymooners and nature walk lovers.

Mutanda Lake resort has got a couple of friendly employees that you encounter with in different premises of the resort, ever with warmly welcomes to help you feel at home while at the resort. There are sevarl activities that can be conducted while at Mutanda Lake Resort these include:- Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Golden Monkey and Gorilla tracking in Mgahinga National Park, Volcano hikes, Birdwatching, Nature walks, Boating and walking as you visit different villages surrounding lake Mutanda.

“Mutanda Lake Resort is a breathtaking place for excellent memories” it’s 95% possible that you could travel to several places finding it hard comparing them to Mutanda lake resort views across the scattered islands plus the Virunga mountain range.

Uganda Adventure Safaris Health Tips

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Uganda adventure safaris health tips
Adventure safaris refers to traveling long distances and do activities like rock climbing in Mgahinga, Mountain biking in Mt. Elgon, Mountaineering in Mt.Rwenzori and Nature walks in rare places like Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda just to mention but a few. it’s always a one way achievement to these endeavors which are self-discovery, though now days adventure safaris are being proved to be good at creating team work and self reliance. Having achieved all these elements, one can result into improved self esteem, a better health and increased confidence.

Adventure safaris can be turned into exercises since it involves trails through different nature, while on the adventure safari trails more muscle groups get involved in the whole process which stimulates your brain with countless variables. A trail through Mt. Elgon that involves forest exploration centre which covers a trail to sipi waterfalls, caves, a trail to Jackson’s pool and Jackson’s peak, the peak and caldera, Sasa trail, Sipi trail, Piswa trail and Tewei hill.

Majority of the population might be reluctant to try things like Nature Walks, Mountaineering, Mountain Climbing and Rock Climbing, thinking they don’t possess the skills and ability to trail, Hence encouraging different people to encounter adventure safaris has led them into realizing new things about them selves which they did not know, have led to a great way of building confidence and promoting a positive attitude, hence building the health of an individual.

Good communication skills, teamwork and trust are key assets for people loving to carry out Uganda adventure safaris these play a big role while encountering different trails so to have a great successful trail that has benefited every one on the safari hence creating friendship through travel.

Basically true adventure lovers target opportunities to challenge themselves and learn from their experiences, the emotional and physical benefits of adventure safaris are impressive such as improved problem solving, improved health and positive thinking. Uganda Adventure safaris Participants that complete their program of wilderness therapy finish with increased fitness and a healthy emotional balance. Therefore i take this opportunity to encourage you to encounter in some of our Uganda adventure safaris, below are benefits of such adventure safaris to human body.

  • Adventure safaris help overcome fear and it builds strength, physical and mental responsibility.
  • Adventure safaris help in the process of burning calories and keeps the blood flowing hence helping us grow
  • Adventure safari activities help us get in touch with nature.
  • Encountering on adventure safaris is a great way of having fun.
  • Adventure safaris provide us with new experiences.
  • Adventure safaris give a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure to life and these experiences become
    great memories to cherish during the routine life.
  • When adventure safaris are encountered one develops a sense of achievement.
  • Adventure safaris helps build confidence and motivation.
  • They help get rid of dullness, tedious, repetitious, lacking in variety and interest as well as frustration and stress.
  • Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

    Monday, June 19th, 2017

    Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge
    Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge
    Camping at Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge is one excellent destination for your tour activities with in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Bush lodge is built basing on ecological principals, it’s bandas are designed following a great architectural plan that carters for maximum privacy and enhance the safari aspect of the lodge.

    The Bush Lodge is located with in Queen Elizabeth National Park and neighboring the Kazinga channel on the right hand side as your heading to the reception, meaning you have great views of kazinga channel right away from your Banda at the lodge.

    Animals grazing around Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge and the loud wheezing sounds of hippo’s and the screaming, laughing hyena’s offers an experiential encounter while at the Bush Lodge. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge happens to offer relatively fair prices in relation to the quality services offered at the lodge. While at Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge be rest assured of a spectacular safari atmosphere right away from the surrounding nature plants and the cold water breeze from Kazinga channel, a warm welcome from the entire staff members of the lodge who are willing to help in all circumstances possible.

    What you should expect while on your trip to Queen Elizabeth national park located in western parts of Uganda, the park happens to be covering areas of lake George and Edward plus an out standing Kazinga channel which happens to join both water bodies hence providing a great habituation for different animals with in the park, Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge is located along the kazinga channel. Queen Elizabeth National Park happens to be with a stunning biodiversity with open Savannah, crater lakes that are being owned by the local communities for salt mining, dense papyrus swamps and interesting Gorge like kyambura which habitats chimpanzees. Queen Elizabeth national park habitats over 95 species of mammals and over 600 species of birds.

    Wildlife Research Tours
    Wildlife research tours requires visitors to join different research teams that either do the animal census, study of animal behavior, counting of bird species and tracking down some animals like the lions. This activity can either be conducted early in the morning or late in the evening and it’s intended to last for two to three hours.

    Game Drives
    An early morning game drive to the lions den will enable you spot out a variety of bird species and animals that include Hippos, Buffaloes, Waterbucks, Uganda Kobs, antelopes, different types of Savannah monkeys, warthogs and on rare occasions you can come across a leopard. Then visit crater lakes through out different communities or proceed to Ishasha sector that enables you view tree climbing lions which happens to be one rare occasion to be seen any where else.

    Launch Trip
    A variety of shifts for a boat cruise can be organised depending on your booking choice, while on the boat cruise expect to view different bird species, herds of elephants, Hippos, crocodiles and herds of buffaloes, kazinga channel boat cruise happens to be one interesting activity while in Queen Elizabeth National Park and hence a good activity for birders since it enables one view a variety of bird species.

    Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge
    Kyambura gorge is a 16 km gorge that is named after river kyambura which pours it’s waters into kazinga channel, chimpanzee trekking is the major activity done with in the gorge, once in the gorge expect to see a lot of different animal species that visit the gorge to drink water from the river.

    Queen Elizabeth National Park happens to be one destination that habitats over 600 species of birds that are being habituated with in the swamps, grassland, lake shores and the forests.

    Salt Crater lakes
    Queen Elizabeth National Park happens to have several crater lakes of which some are owned by the communities with the park premises, these crater lake are specifically meant for salt mining using the ancient extraction method.

    Top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison Falls National Park

    Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

    Insighting Murchison falls national park in Uganda, check out the most interesting activities done in Murchison falls national park Uganda.

    Top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park Uganda
    Murchison falls national park happens to be gazetted at the northern side of the albertine rift valley, Murchison falls was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, Murchison falls national park is proven to be Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, and it’s being determined by the famous strong rushing waters of river Nile being forced through a narrow gorge hence creating a fascinating scenery of the falls hence the entire park hosts 76 species of mammals and 451 species of birds.
    The Nile river happens to be the world’s longest river as it stretches through the park, it creates Uganda’s remarkable wildlife spectacles hence hosting regular visitors to the river banks which include the Giraffes, Hippos, Elephants, Buffaloes, Nile crocodiles and different species of Birds.
    These are the top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park that would make the park a classic one compared to the remaining national parks Uganda.
    Birding is one of the top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park due to it’s stretched Nile river that supports the growth of different pasture that happens to be food to some birds and habitat different kinds of birds.

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park
    Birding in Murchison falls national park can be done while experiencing a game drive, where by the commonly viewed birds are the Savannah forest birds. The launch trip enables viewers to come across distinct bird life, including Savannah forest birds, water birds and albertine rift endemics. Murchison falls national park main birding attraction are the shoebills that are commonly sighted in the dry season mostly from January to march.

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park
    Hiking and nature walks
    Hiking and nature walks are among the top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park.
    Hiking and nature walks enables you to explore the vast landscapes and varied scenery of Murchison falls national park and the surrounding conservation area. This trails through Kaniyo, Pabidi and Rabongo forests offering beautiful scenery of many primates and birds, As you encounter the Nile delta,a 2-4 hours guided to the swamp walk offers possibility to sight shoebills.

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park
    Game Drives
    Game drives is the most attracting encounter of the top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park.
    Game drives with in the Buligi game tracks on the northern bank with a trained ranger guide is one great way to have a spectacular scenery of animals and taking great snaps of a wide range of animals as they graze through out the Nile valley. Leopards are rarely spotted out from the park and lions can be allocated by the game rangers according to their current location.

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park
    Sport fishing
    Sport fishing as encountered in Murchison falls national park is one great activity out of the 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park.
    The banks of the river Nile below Murchison falls provide exciting challenges that enable tourists to carry out fishing where by in record the best spot fisher grubbed a 108kg Nile perch that lives with in strong currents and highly oxygenated water, there is still a chance to land a massive catch hence set a new record.

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park
    Launch trips.
    Launch trip happens to be the second best activity of the top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park. Therefore the Launch trip up stream from Paraa presents a great scenery of wildlife and culminates with the memorable frontal views of the Murchison falls. A launch trip is highly recommended for birdwatchers mostly a morning cruise down stream to the Nile – Lake Albert delta. Alternatively, a tranquil sun downer cruise offers the classic view of an equatorial sunset reflected on the river.

    top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park
    cultural encounters.
    Cultural encounters are quite interesting among-st the top 6 recommended activities to do in Murchison falls national park since they enable you to reach out different villages as you reveal the realities of life in the rural community, different energetic dancers from Mubako perform around lodge campfires. Boomu women’s group that offer’s accommodation, a visit to the craft shop hence discover the reality of true African culture. Here are several itinerary s for different safaris that would let you encounter the above outlined activities.
    3 days Murchison falls safari
    4 days Murchison falls national park safari
    6 days Uganda wildlife safari
    14 days birding tour to Uganda
    21 days safari tour to Uganda

    5 Best reasons to consider before choosing a tour operator in Uganda.

    Monday, April 10th, 2017

    5 Best reasons to consider before choosing a tour operator in Uganda
    Due to increased number of tour companies being formed in Uganda, where by over 600 tour companies though registered or unregistered are currently operating in the field of tourism, we take you through 5 best reasons to consider while choosing the best tour operator for your safaris to Uganda, So as not to risk your life time adventure to Uganda “the pearl of Africa”.

    best tour operator uganda.
    Uganda certificate of incorporation
    For any business to take place in Uganda, the associated companies must be fully registered with the Uganda Registrar Service Bureau (URSB). Where a certificate of incorporation will be rewarded to different companies specifying different kinds of business they conduct. Therefore it would be of great use if clients seek for copies of Uganda certificate of incorporation from respective tour operators.

    Best tour operator in Uganda.
    Association of Uganda Tour operators(AUTO)
    Due to increased number of tourism companies existing in Uganda, so many of these tour companies conduct business though they are not licensed by the government of Uganda and are not members of the Association of Uganda Tour operators (AUTO). The government has however started looking out for those companies that are not registered and has also put penalties in place to control their increasing number. Some companies have copied the Association of Uganda Tour operators (AUTO) logo and pasted it on their websites when they are actually not members of the Association. Therefore it’s a good act to go ahead and seek for copies of the member ship certificate.

    Form of payment as desired by different tour operators.
    Most tour operators always prefer sending money thorough PayPal, bank transfers, pesa pal, paying at the offices of the tour operator and sending money to a company account rather than a personal account, you again stand warned on the process of sending money through western union or money gram, Therefore Uganda contains a lot of shadow companies that do operate with intentions of making money at all costs no matter what circumstance hence reaching to an extent of violating rules that govern the Uganda tourism sector and once crimes are committed, it becomes hard for you to trace them down.

    Consistence of the tour operator.
    It’s always a good act to check out for About us pages on different websites of tour operators to find out if they got proper directions of their offices and contacts mostly information talking about the location of the company offices, email address, physical address, telephone contacts and the company profile.
    Before submitting your bookings, make sure that you check how often the tour company carries out safaris with in the country. This can be determined by checking out some reviews on trip adviser or on safari bookings from the past clients who received services from the same tour operator. If you put this into consideration, you will be able to tell if the tour operator is reliable and trust worthy, since in tourism industry trust and reliability are the back bone of the whole process.
    Checking about reputation can also be based on social media platforms like Google+, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Active social media plat forms indicate that the company still exists and fully operating.

    Constant communication
    Constant communication via social media platforms is a necessity for any tour operator, by doing so clients are always upto date about on going projects with in the tour company. Hence Tour operators are subjected to provide all the necessary information needed to her clients. In other wards they are supposed to offer proper and fluent feedback’s to their respective clients. So as to build confidence and trust to there respective clients. Discover top most interesting wildlife adventures in Uganda and to why Uganda is “Pearl of Africa”.

    Best tour operator in Uganda4
    KJONG UGANDA SAFARIS LTD is one of Uganda’s finest safaris and tour companies dedicated to showing you the amazing beauty of Uganda and Rwanda. We are locally based in the heart of Kampala specializing in short excursions, Gorilla Trekking Safaris, Birding Safaris across East Africa, Wildlife adventure Safaris, Mini Holiday Discoveries across East Africa, Primate Safaris, Chimpanzee Trekking safaris, Long Adventure Safaris across and we are highly rated in tours covering the great Karamojong region, mostly areas covering (Kidepo Valley National Park).Tours and Tailor-made or customized safaris to suite our client needs and special interests.

    We are licensed with the Uganda Registrar Service Bureau, Uganda Tourism Board, and a member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tourism Operators) – Association and operating by the Code of Ethics established for Tour Operators.

    We would love to give you great insights into Uganda and Rwanda. As we look forward to “Creating friendship through travel”. Our great expertise is delivered from our 14 years of existence in the tourism industry that is since 2003
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