21 Days safari tour to Uganda

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A summary trip around the Pearl of Africa giving you all the best of the best, the 21 days trip show cases Uganda’s endowment and truly being gifted by nature, from primates, wildlife, physical land forms, hospitality of the people found nowhere, all these have been taken into consideration on the 21 days around Uganda, discover Uganda and you will discover Africa.
Jinja is well known as being the adventure capital of Uganda and where the Nile begins its journey to the Mediterranean Sea, the desire to uncover the Victorian mystery of the source of the Nile led to the epic journeys of Livingstone, Stanley Burton and Speke this make it also every important place in the history of country, Jinja is one of best water rafting spot in Africa. Accommodation options; Haven River lodge (Up market facility), 2Friends Guest House (mid- budget) and Adrift Nile high camp (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

Travel after breakfast to Ziwa rhino sanctuary to visit the rhino, the private ranch is home to twelve white rhino under the rhino fund international, where a breeding programme is under way, with growth in number these will be introduced back in their former range which was Murchison, a guide will accompany you the next day to explain the behaviors of the animal. Accommodation options: Amuka Safaris Lodge (Up market facility), Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (mid- budget and Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

Early departure after breakfast for Rhino trekking an hour interaction accompanied by a guide to explain the behaviours of the animal, after lunch proceed to the top of Murchison fall to view the falls from above, these spectacular waterfalls for which the park is named after is an electrifying sight on the trip the water travel‘s through a six meter wide gorge before plunging down forty meters on its way to the Mediterranean sea. Accommodation options: Para safari lodge (Up market facility), Fort Murchison Lodge (mid- budget) and Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

After breakfasts depart for game drive, the drive is scenic and goes to the delta area where the Victoria Nile joins Lake Albert. Murchison falls park is Uganda’s largest wildlife park the palm straddled grassland supports dense populations of lion, buffalo, elephant and Uganda kob, together  with the localised Rothschild giraffe and pattas monkey, Immense concentration of hippos and birds, lunch at the lodge.
Afternoon boat cruise on the Nile is an opportunity to catch on the aquatics as you head to the foot of the Murchison falls where the Nile thunders through a small gap. The banks of the river are home to crocodiles, hippopotamus, birds and other animals that usually come down to quench their thirty,Accommodation options: Para Safaris lodge (Up market facility), Fort Murchison lodge (mid- budget) and Red Chili Rest  camp (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 6 safari tour to Uganda: TRANSFER TO FORT PORTAL
Early departure for fort portal town, one of the longest road trip, however this journey give one an opportunity to see rural Uganda, beauty of the landscape and going through well manicured tea gardens, with lunch stop in Fort portal town and check in, Accommodation options: Mountains of the moon hotel (Up market facility), Rwenzori View Guest house (mid- budget) and Rwenzori Travellers Inn (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

The Semiliki national park and wild life reserve found north of fort portal town in the west of the country is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa ,an extension of the Ituri forest on the base of the northern Rwenzori and close to lake Albert an area of 720sqkm offers fantastic views, hot springs, wild game such as pygmy/ forest elephants, pigmy hippos, Sitatungas, leopards, Uganda kobs and various varieties of primates, for the twitters over 40 Congo species can be seen including  the prehistoric shoe bill stork. Leave early from your hotel, stop in Fort portal for lunch and thereafter ascent the mountain for the hot springs at Sempaya and then to the lodge where you will late afternoon check in relax as you get ready for evening game drive before dinner., Accommodation options; Semiliki safari lodge (Up market facility), Uganda Wildlife Bandas (mid- budget) and Uganda Wildlife Bandas (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

One of Uganda’s oldest reserve with a tropical rainforest meets the grassy savannah, the flat plains are punctuated by deep river valleys, this unique geography is also reflected in the diversity of wildlife which includes the mammals of central Africa and some key east African species, with a variety of birdlife, the morning game drive across the three track of the reserve where usually you get to see small forest and larger savannah elephants, kobs, warthogs, waterbuck,  buffalos and many types of monkeys , head back for lunch and enjoy an afternoon boat trip on lake Albert to look for the shoe bill stork and other water birds. Accommodation options: Semiliki safari lodge (Up market facility), Uganda Wildlife Bandas (mid- budget) and Uganda Wildlife Bandas (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast / Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 9 safari tour to Uganda: SEMILIKI- BATWA CULTURAL ENCOUNTER-KIBALE (wildlife Uganda safari)
The Batwa are a community of small persons or the pygmy who lived a hunter/gatherer lifestyle and were dependent on the Semiliki forest for food, shelter, medicine and tools, although this has begun to change as a result of the interaction with other local communities.
The advent of tourism in the area has offered an alternative source of income for the Batwa and given them the opportunity to maintain and display their rich cultural history through music, dance and hand crafts, a morning stop at Ntandi as we head for kibale forest exposes one to some of the unique cultures in Uganda, lunch in fort portal town before heading to the forest. Accommodation options: Ndali lodge (up market facility), Chimpanzee Forest Guest House (mid-market) and Kibale Forest Camp (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 10 safari tour to Uganda: KIBALE-CHIMPANZEE TREKKING-BIGODI SWAMP (primate safari)
In the morning you will have breakfast to transfer to Kibale Head quarters for briefing before setting off for a forest walk in search for chimpanzees. The forest walk will be guided to provide information not only on chimpanzees and primates but also on small organisms making it interesting. The walk will reward you with other primates like Grey cheeked Mangabeys, Colobus monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, lhoestes, and butterflies.
After tracking the chimps in the afternoon you will go for a nature walk to the Bigodi swamp to see unique flora and fauna Accommodation options: Ndali lodge (up market facility),Chimpanzee Forest Guest House(mid-market) and Kibale Forest Camp (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 11 safari tour to Uganda: RWENZORI MOUNTAINS RUBONI-VILLAGE TOUR wildlife adventure
The Rwenzori Mountains also known as the mountains of the moon lie in the western congo border with Uganda. Their equatorial snow peaks include the third highest point in Africa. The Ruboni village is home to around2000 Bakonzo in the foot hills of the Rwenzoris, the village tour is the perfect way to experience the community life of the people, meet the blacksmith, traditional healer, basket weavers, and story tellers and enjoy a vibrant dance performance accompanied by lively drumming. Begin your morning with a drive through the crater region on the way to the mountains.Accommodation options: Equator Snow Lodge (up market facility), Ruboni Community Camp (mid-market) and Ruboni Community Camp (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

Depart early morning after breakfast for the  hike up the hill enjoy scenic views of the river mubuku as well as baker and portal peaks as you ascend, reaching the top at 2300 meters hill, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the mountains of the moon and the glorious snow capped margherita peak.Accommodation options: Equator Snow Lodge (up market facility), Ruboni Community Camp (mid-market) and Ruboni Community Camp (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

into Queen Elizabeth National Park sightseeing and game viewing, named after the British monarch in memory of her visit to Uganda and the area, the park is nestled between two lakes, George and Edward with the kazinga channel joining the two its lush savannah offers prime grazing ground for the buffalo, elephants and various antelope, host over 600 bird species, on a clear day their chances of viewing the mountains of the moon the Ruwenzori and its snow peak. Arrive in time for lunch and check in, later in the afternoon head out for late afternoon game drive,Accommodation options Mweya safari lodge (up market facility), Bush Lodge (mid-market) and Bush Lodge (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 14 safari tour to Uganda: QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK-MORNING GAME DRIVE- CHANNEL CRUISE wildlife adventure tour.
Early morning game drive after breakfast catching some of the nocturnal as they return to their dens. As you drive along there is nothing like a herd of Elephants moving across the track ahead, lions in the distant savannah grass, Buffaloes grazing, Birds flying overhead, the game rides is about 3hrs. Back to your Lodge for lunch, after lunch drive down to the jetty for the boat cruise on the famed Kazinga channel where you get to see schools of hippos. The Channel has the highest concentration of hippos in Africa it is also the place for birders binoculars to come out as you get to watch hundreds and hundreds of birds on the shore, you can easily identify over 40 species while on the boat cruise on Channel.
Hippos and Birds are plenty here but so are crocodiles, monitor lizards, elephant herds, buffaloes, antelopes and during the late afternoon you might see a predator coming to water.Accommodation options Mweya safari lodge (up market facility), Bush Lodge (mid-market) and Bush Lodge (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 15 safari tour to Uganda: QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK- ISHASHA GAME DRIVE wildlife adventure tour
Begin your day with a cup of coffee at breakfast, morning departure for Ishasha in the queen Elizabeth national park located on the unique western rift valley escarpment, check into the Ishasha wilderness camp have lunch then afterwards go for an afternoon game drive in search of tree climbing lions and other game, back to the lodge for the overnight.Accommodation options:  Ishasha wilderness camp (up market facility), Savannah resort (mid-market) and At the River camp (Budget facility), Meal plan Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner.

DAY 16 safari tour to Uganda: ISHASHA- Game Drive-BWINDI wildlife adventure tour
Transfer to Bwindi after breakfast, Uganda’s Bwindi and Mghinga gorilla national parks host half of the world remaining mountain gorilla population providing the best tracking moments, the total population is estimated to be about seven hundred eighty living in the Virunga volcanoes and Bwindi. Before journeying to Bwindi we shall do another morning game drive in Ishasha, with a lunch stop Savannah resort, late arrival in Bwindi. Accommodation options: Buhoma lodge (upmarket facility) Silverback safari lodge (mid-market facility), Buhoma Community Camp Ground (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.

DAY 17 safari tour to Uganda: BWINDI GORILLAS TREKKING/Tracking
After breakfast set off early with guides to briefing point and thereafter off to track the gorillas, the thrill of your encounter will erase the difficulties of the potentially strenuous trek. Bring jungle boots and rain jackets because the park is often wet. Spend time in awe watching the gorillas go about their activities. Each gorilla safari encounter is different and has its own rewards, but you are likely to enjoy the close view of adults feeding, grooming and resting as the youngsters frolic and swing from vines in a delightfully playful display. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a magnificent green swathe of dense rain forest, so ancient that survived the last ice age. A recently proclaimed World Heritage site, it’s one of the most biologically diverse areas on earth and its unique, precious flora sustains roughly half of the world population of mountain gorillas,believed to number just 780. There’s also a substantial chimpanzee population and research shows that Bwindi is the only forest in Africa in which these two apes live together.
Time permitting, spend the afternoon on a community foot safari to explore the life style of the people living and surrounding the park. Return to camp exhilarated to relieve the encounter with friends over a drink.Accommodation options: Buhoma lodge (upmarket facility) Silverback safari lodge (mid-market facility), Buhoma Community Camp Ground (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.

DAY 18 safari tour to Uganda: TRANSFER TO KISORO
After breakfast depart for kisoro the most south westly town of Uganda and where the Mghinga national park is found, the most striking features of this park are the three conical extinct volcanoes of the Virunga range. The slopes of these contain various ecosystems and are biologically diverse; the peaks provide the most striking scenery one has ever seen,Accommodation options: Travellers Rest Hotel (upmarket facility),Bam Rest house(mid-market) and Mghinga community camp( Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

DAY 19 safari tour to Uganda: KISORO- GOLDEN MONKEYS
Depart for Mghinga national park trek the golden monkeys an endangered and endemic species found between 3000 and 4000 altitude of the Virunga mountain range in the Albert rift, Mghinga national park offers chance to visit 40 to 60 community of habituated individuals.Accommodation options: Travelers Rest Hotel (upmarket facility), Bam Rest house (mid-market) and Mghinga community camp (Budget facility) and meal plan Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. 

DAY 20 safari tour to Uganda: LAKE BUNYONYI-ISLAND CRUISE
Early morning departure for Lake Bunyonyi renowned for its water birds and dense population of otters this mountain ringed lake is one of Uganda’s rapidly developing wetland destination, Bunyonyi in the local Bakiga dialect means ‘the place of many little birds.
Make a Stopover to take a motor boat for an excursion around the islands at Muko. Lake Bunyonyi is located in the hilly south western corner of Uganda it is a narrow stretch of water splashed with tiny islands and overlooked by volcanoes. The lake was created less than 1000 years ago by volcanic eruption that blocked a river exit. It is surrounded by intensely cultivated terraced hills while two volcanoes loom on the horizon, between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Different source give different depth of the lake, some suggesting it being the second deepest lake in Africa. The lake is bilharzia free, safe for swimming and has a limited amount of fish. The lake also is home to over 200 bird species recorded around the lake,Accommodation options: Bird nest Bunyonyi Resort (upmarket facility), Bunyonyi Eco-Resort (mid-range), Bunyonyi Overland Resort (budget) and meal plan Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner.

DAY 21 safari tour to Uganda: ENTEBBE-EQUATOR
After your morning coffee and breakfast, drive to Entebbe with enough time to stop at the equator line for lunch, to take photos and do some craft shopping there are many craft shops at the equator point one with lots of choice. Depending on departure schedule optional activity visit to the Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary in Lake Victoria, Uganda wildlife education centre, Botanical gardens Entebbeaccommodation options; Cassia lodge (upmarket facility),Boma Guest House (mid-range facility),Red chilli hideaway (budget facility), meal plan Breakfast/Lunch, airport drop and end of your trip

Trip includes:
Transportation by a 4wd vehicle with services of English speaking Driver/guide
Accommodation and meals as per the itinerary except in Kampala/ Entebbe bed and breakfast  
Lunch while on transit
Bottled water in the car
Seven game drives
Five boat cruise
Three Nature walks
Two cultural visits
One full day rafting trip
One Rhino Trekking
One Golden monkey trekking

One Gorilla and chimpanzee permit per person to be secured and paid for in advance
Airport transfer
However, the package excludes: expenses of personal nature like: optional activity, Visa, drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, porter fee while trekking, personal insurance, and tobacco.